Art Failures

by Näive Sense

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Art Failures is the debut album by Minneapolis trans* fronted hardcore band Naive Sense.


released November 4, 2015

Our digital album is free if you need it to be. If you are able, payment helps us record more music and play out of town. We reserve the rights to the material contained on the album, so you cannot use our work w/out express written consent from the band even though we offer the songs for free to individuals w/out means to obtain it.


All music by Naive Sense. All lyrics by Natalie except "Expose" by Natalie and Mpls poet Kevin Carr.

Produced/Recorded/Mixed by Knol Tate in three days at that Pall Mall, in the basement, of course.

The album was then mastered by Mikey Young in Australia through the magic of the Internet.

Travis Bos and PJ Randoll guest screamed, yelled and growled, respectively.

Thomas Boettner played noise and electronic improvised instruments on the title track. Because he is such a sweet heart, he also dubbed our cassettes.

Adam DeGross took the cover photo.



all rights reserved


Näive Sense Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Track Name: How Do Magnets Work?
How Do Magnets Work

Oblivious encrusted
Suburban waste sprawl rusted
I'm not so sure you should be trusted
In social situations
Compulsively repulsive
Northface self righteous fucks
Garbage like the rest of us
Well fuck!
They think I'm just jealous
Track Name: Burned Out On Bono
Burned Out on Bono

Piles of dog shit and cigarettes
I'm turning out to be a clusterfuck mess
So what if I want to be an acid casualty?
I grew up in the land of make believe
Colostomy fucks flunked me out of art
So I told mom and dad to go fuck off
I need to find a better motivation
Something better than this cash contrived placation
I need to find a better motivation
Something better than commercialized secretion
Track Name: Expose

Expose inner spaces
Set fire to the blacked out pages
Depart, divide
Restart and recompose these lines
Slit wide
Sever veins to a former life
There are no answers
Requiem for vacant closure
Depart, divide
Cut deep and bleed these lies
Regress and fall apart
Circles won't end where they start
Begin again
Move on in agitation
There are no answers between the inner spaces
There is no comfort in blacked out pages
Bleed out, expose
Restart, recompose
Track Name: Longboard Is The Wrong Board
Longboard is the Wrong Board

Gosh golly
You think your so cool
Guess what!
You're a fucking tool
This ain't your rebellious streak
Big cock game redundancy
I just wish you'd fall and break
That shit fucked grin right off
Your god damn face
Longboard is the wrong board
Longboard is the wrong board
Longboard is the wrong board
Longboard is the wrong fucking board
Track Name: Wonderlust

The pressure
The tension
Composure obsession
In wonderlust we placed our trust
I'm not sure if we will endure
The pressure
The tension
Composure obsession
In wonderlust we placed our trust
I'm not sure if we will endure
With all our dreams wrapped on white
The sun will set with stars in site
Track Name: Landshark

Landshark attack
Fuck that shit
God damn landshark
Track Name: The Devil Is In The Sound
The Devil is in The Sound

Vacant manipulation
Recall when I lost it
The cycle's on repeat
Chew the fat off artificial meat
The screams surrounding
Keep the lights out
The devil is in the sound
Track Name: Manufactured Discontent
Manufactured Discontent

Artificial, comatose, irrational
Your head is buried beneath ignorance
You fabricate each excuse for your negligence
You've lost all control to the shit you were sold
Closeted dissatisfied
Glory holes you fail to hide
You've manufactured your very own discontent
Track Name: Art Failures
Art Failures

Normative asphyxiation
Plugged up social constipation
Botox California fucked
Twice baked ideas won't make the cut
Tough shit!
Counterpoint that lip
Bad habits I can't quit
Cold sore retaliation
Chemical deprivation
Art failures keep tearing up the town
Art failures keep moving to the sound
We have no respect
Noise mouth gutter raged rejects
Enshrined contempt
Art failures bleeding underground
Track Name: Miss Anne Thropy
Miss Anne Thropy

Tainted and filled with hatred
We're not stainless
Nothings sacred
In our image we're created
We all chose our sides
We'll live eternal crimes
Fuck your god damn lies
You've lost your fucking minds
We're not stainless
Nothings sacred
Track Name: Vices

Sweat toxic
Tremor collect
Wet brain reactive
Hesitate, ruminate
Wait how far?
Can't restart artificial hearts
Self assured quarantine
Convulsing violently
Beneath vomit soaked sheets
Fever tension
Sweat it out
Exposure chases
Cracked lungs
Anxiety suspension
Let it go
Kept running for the rush of fear
Track Name: Disorder Control
Disorder Control

Breathe deep retrospective
Anxious blind collected
Dream eyed contrived
Relapsed on lies
Tongue tied you bite
Wasting alive
Disorder control
Resuscitate, recall
Fear hunger satiation
Collapse and isolate
Control intoxicates
You'll suffocate alone
Disorder is your control